Best Vapor Juice

Consumers have heard of vapor juice, but it might have been called something else. E-liquid is the most common moniker, but it is also known as nicotine juice or smokeless e-juice. They are all the same thing, referring to a liquid dripped into the tank or cartomizer of a vaping device.

Here’s my picks for the best e-cigarette liquids for your device:

Pre-filled Vapor Juice

The one exception is when a device is used with pre-filled cartridges, usually atomized already (hence the name cartomizers), which are snapped or screwed onto the battery. These typically have a capacity of 1ml or less.

Cigavette makes the world’s largest such items which attach to 650mAh batteries and bigger. Cigalike companies (V2 Cigs, Bull Smoke, South Beach Smoke, White Cloud, Green Smoke, et al.) make cartridges with e-liquid inside them already.

They typically offer a small range of flavors consisting of at least one but often several tobacco-like styles, a menthol and some mint flavors, fruits, and a couple of sweet dessert flavors like chocolate or vanilla. V2 Cigs introduced the option to order custom-filled cartomizers containing any blend the consumer wants, in shipments of 100 at a time.

Unfilled Cartomizers

The next step in vaping is to buy blank cartomizers which you fill with liquid. It does not have to be supplied by the same company that supplies your batteries and cartos, but you must be careful.

Certain devices are not designed to vape really thick juices containing more than 50% vegetable glycerin. Many will crack when filled with certain blends like cinnamon red hots or lemon-lime.

Unfilled cartomizers are wonderful for two reasons. One is that they give the consumer more choice. The other is that buying bottles of vapor juice is cheaper by far than continually replacing cartomizers.

They usually come in packages of five which cost anywhere from $9 per package to $16, plus shipping in some cases, with discounts for buying multiple packages or signing up for automatic monthly shipments. Think about how much e-liquid that is: maybe 5mls in a 5-pack for an average of $11.

The average 10ml bottle of e-liquid costs about $7. You just doubled your e-liquid for 2/3 of the price. Then again, you have to do the filling. Drip tips make this easier, but the job can be messy.

VaporZone E Cig LiquidBottles of Vapor Juice

You are most likely to buy 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, or 30ml of juice at one time. A lot of clients are unhappy when a company only sells 15ml bottles or larger. They want to be able to try a juice and figure out if it is an all day vape or a dud, not commit to a big bottle they might have to throw out.

Pricing really varies: there are no rules: just the knowledge that some consumers are willing to pay more for custom-made, American e-juice. In particular, companies making only a handful of flavors charge more for their concoctions.

They tend to be unusual blends and as different from cheaper e-liquid as cheap wine from a cellar-worthy bottle.

Here are three things to watch for in e-liquid:

  • A short list of ingredients
  • Bottle material
  • Customization

Some juices are pre-packaged so you can only select a flavor in a level of nicotine if it is in stock. A number of companies blend their juice when you order it and not before.

This allows you to order extra flavoring, additional menthol, extra sweetener, or a particular mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Glass bottles are favored by some consumers because plastic can taint the flavor of juice.

It is also impossible to store corrosive liquids in plastic. Glass bottles do not affect the juice in any way and are classier than plastic ones.

Vapor Juice DIY

Anyone can make e-liquid. You only need the DIY tools, unflavored propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, flavoring, water, and nicotine if you still use it. Propylene glycol is thin, but responsible for how much throat hit you experience.

Vegetable glycerin is thick, one reason why more of it gives you big clouds of vapor. Vegetable glycerin is also sweet and contributes nicely to dessert vapes without the need for additional sweetener. Usually, you would combine the two of these with a flavoring of your choice. Charts, instructions, and videos are posted online. Many businesses now selling vapor juice online and at retail stores began from home-based experimentation.

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