Five Pawns, Castle Long Reserve, And Top Class E Liquid

Some e juices can’t stay on shelves. Customers go onto waiting lists and buy the latest shipment as soon as it arrives, so there isn’t anything left for the casual, lucky shopper stumbling upon a gem. That is the case with Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve e juice in spite of a hefty price that makes this one of the industry’s most expensive products.

Five Pawns Castle Long

This is a version of Castle Long, a product from their Mixology Series MMXIV. The flavor mixes toasted coconut, Kentucky Bourbon, and roasted almond with vanilla (and not just any vanilla, but the Madagascar vanilla bean), adding caramelized brown sugar as a finishing touch.

Compared to some of their other blends this is one of the most straightforward from Five Pawns, although it is also complex with notes come and going on the inhale and exhale, etc. Sometimes you taste dark caramel, and at other times vanilla is stronger.

A number of their flavors contain liqueurs or spirits: Absinthe, champagne, and others. Vanilla is also a common thread running through many of their e liquids including an unnamed vanilla bean, Madagascar vanilla, and French vanilla.

Castle Long Reserve E Liquid

Adding “Reserve” to the end does not completely change Castle Long e juice. Yet, with that little addition, Five Pawns created a product that sells out quickly. It combines everything Castle Long is known for with an underlying note of oak which comes from the oak-barrel steeping process. After 3 weeks in the barrel, your e juice takes on the quality of a fine wine.

A few other companies have experimented with this method of making e juice, successfully too. Seattle Vaping Company comes to mind (they charge a lot too). Gentleman’s Reserve by the Steam Co. is another. I wonder if oak gives an edge which vapers formerly experienced by burning their cigarette tobacco? Oak is kind of harsh and an acquired taste. It has to be at $37.50 per bottle.

Paying the Price

Can any company sell an argument for charging this price? Wine usually costs less per ml — with or without oak — and all in glass bottles just like Five Pawns. Yet reviews are saying that this is one of the best e liquids around.

Customers aren’t saying they wish they hadn’t made such an expensive mistake; that the hype is for nothing. Then again, would you post a review that told everyone you felt like a fool? Really: $37.50 is highway robbery. But if people are going to pay it, Five Pawns might as well make some money.

Five Pawns e liquidFive Pawns E Juice

This company from Orange County, California, makes 2 series of e juices, five in each, plus two limited edition blends. The Signature Series MMXIV contains Bowden’s Mate, Absolute Pin, Grandmaster, Queenside, and Gambit.

Their Mixology Edition MMXIV features Castle Long, Lucena, Perpetual check, Sixty-Four, and Fifth Rank. Another limited edition blend (besides Castle Long Reserve) is Black Flag Fallen ($30).

When gourmet e liquid was still a rumor, the guys at Five Pawns were already blending something better. Their juices date back to a time when The Standard and Suicide Bunny were also getting off the ground. Five Pawns is one of the few gourmet juice companies that sell products directly.

Buy Five Pawns

Usually, a 30-ml bottle carries a price tag of $27.50: not much discount for volume sales. Their sample package only contains 20 ml (5 bottles, 4 ml each, one set for each series) and costs $23.50. For a short time, you can get Signature Series liquids with up to 24 mg of nicotine while the usual maximum is 18 mg.

Other stores that sell this fantastic stuff include Vapor DNA, Dash Vapes, and Sunset Vapor. That’s a small sample of retailers and there are plenty more. Subscription e juice companies sometimes add a bottle of Five Pawns to their boxes too if a customer fits the rather complex profile.