Sub Ohm

With simple coils and low-watt systems now only part of your vaping history or relegated to the work place during “smoke” break, you can now make full use of thick e juices. Your high-watt device has the oomph to vaporize Max-vegetable glycerin (Max-VG) e liquids and your matching tanks are fitted with suitable coils. Now you get to enjoy picking an e juice label you like.

Expanding Choices

Once there were only a few high-VG liquids apart from custom blends made to order by online and brick-and-mortar vape stores. Now the list is growing, almost to the point where consumers have a hard time selecting a brand. Many familiar names in vape juice have added pre-steeped, viscous liquids to their menus because they are catering to the high-watt market. Here are some ways you can narrow down your search for e juice.

Online Research

The internet is an excellent source of information. Even if you shop at a local high street store, use online shops’ e juice catalogues to help you learn what’s out there. Vapor Beast, for instance, lists the propylene glycol (PG)/vegetable glycerin (VG) ration of liquids they sell.

Members of e juice forums discuss products in a variety of ways, one of which is the sub-ohm side. They talk about their favorites and also discuss which systems they use. You could even explore discussions about your particular setup (a Kbox, Jellyfish, SMY 60W, etc.) and find out what people are vaping on those. Shops sometimes list e juices as recommended purchases to go with mods and sub-ohm tanks.

Reviews listed online talk about vapor production, flavor, and other aspects of e liquids. You can search by vendor or flavor and even according to the highest-rated e juices. Read or listen to lots of reviews before making a decision.

While exploring choices, don’t forget to find out what various brands of e juice are made out of and how they are made. Does the mixologist use a lab or a clean room? Is this detail even stated? Feel free to ask using their contact details or on Facebook. Failure to disclose this sort of information should send out a red flag.

Ingredients should be listed. Conduct your own studies regarding diacetyl, alcohol, colorants, artificial flavors, acetyl propionyl, and glycerin. If you have any allergies, be particularly careful to uncover any concerns consumers have reported about reactions. At least ensure the company uses USP-grade VG and PG.

Suggested Brands

Consumers have already discovered a number of favorites and sent in their reviews to online stores, independent pages for e juice information, forums, and the vendors themselves. A number of products are solid but I wouldn’t say they were “recommended.” You are looking for VG-dominant flavors. Moreover, as you uncover various brands and types, you might realize you prefer one style (custard, Cavendish, fruit gum, strawberry-banana) rather than one brand.

Johnson Creek is one of the oldest American e juice companies around. Their line of flavors continues to grow and they now offer the chance to select VG-only liquids. Silverthorne is a highly-rated pipe-tobacco style mixing US and Turkish varieties. Vanda combines vanilla with custard notes for a smooth result. The richness of dark chocolate comes through in Swiss Dark.

Mr. Good Vape makes a number of 30/70 blends that are high on the charts right now. One is Karma Cream, a peaches and cream-style e juice. Their Pistachio Man is self-explanatory. Explore cookie flavors with Moon Sugar: sugar cookie, butterscotch, and graham cracker. Melon Head mixes various melons for another glorious, vaporous finish.

Turn to Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice, one of America’s top-selling e juices, and expect a cloudy result but in a good way. Hard Lemonade brings out the sharpness of an alcoholic soft drink. Grapeful Grace is full of grape and Honey Do refreshes with melon. As you can see, melon is popular.

Honorable Mention

Charlie Noble lists the PG/VG ratio of their liquids and they are all high in vegetable glycerin. In spite of their high-quality presentation, Charlie Noble e liquids are more affordable than many e juices in the business. Mythos, High Voltage, and Cyber Liquids could work for you too.

Suicide Bunny and The Schwartz are known for creamy profiles which tend to create more vapor than fruity and tobacco flavors. Finally, Volcano and Vaporfi have released sub-ohm e juices for users of their advanced gear.