What Is PG And VG?

The two ingredients which make up 90% or more of an e-liquid base are PG and VG: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. There is a lot of controversy in the media and among vapers about these little-understood products. Either one can be dangerous if you are sensitive to it in some way. Here is what you need to know.

Vegetable Glycerin

There are some types of VG which certain vapers must avoid owing to naturally occurring allergens found therein. Otherwise, VG is frequently a part of normal household products such as household cleaners and food.

Vegetable glycerin thickens products like shampoo and cleansers. It is natural and can be sourced from the United States, although Malaysian Palm vegetable glycerin is among the best sources because it is safe for individuals with a peanut allergy.

Vegetable glycerin is the vapor-producing ingredient. When juice contains enough VG and the vaper uses a good battery, he will produce lovely plumes even on a low-watt system. This is also the ingredient responsible for really packing a sweet punch.

When juice is sweet, like licorice, candy, or baked juice, it is probably at least 50% VG. This is the main ingredient in sub-ohm e liquids. Look for USP-grade vegetable glycerin when you go e-juice shopping.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol gets a bad rap as though people believe they have never and never will consume it from other sources. Most likely, the ignorant nay-sayer has inhaled it while using asthma medication or dancing in artificial smoke at a club.

Processed food often contains this synthetic product which is also a base in the making of some artificial foods (blueberries, for instance). PG carries throat hit, an essential ingredient in tobacco e juice.

Propylene glycol is relatively thin so if your coils are low-grade like those in a blank cartomizer, top-fill mini clearomizer, or any disposable clearo, using e juice with at least 50% USP-grade propylene glycol content is a good idea.

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